Andar Bahar Real Money Game

Originated in South India, Andar Bahar is a simple yet stimulating game of casino works in recent times. It offers a solid chance of winning great incentives for players. Traditionally Andar Bahar use to be played without real money. Compared to recent times where most of the Indians have access to Internet services this game was launched online. Here players could play Andar Bahar Real Money Game. It is a new game but has a loyal fanbase. It is quick and easy to learn. Usually, the card games are related to Rummy, Blackjack, and Poker, etc. Though these games are really fun to play they require some technical knowledge of how to play them.

What if, if there is a game that is simple but still engages in gameplay? Andar Bahar Real Money Game is one such game. Andar Bahar Real Money Game is entertainingly played across India. Originally it was a recreational gambling game in southern India but slowly it became popular in the entire Indian Subcontinent. Today this game is played worldwide traditionally and online. You can find different platforms where Andar Bahar Real Money Game is being played like Casinos in Goa that have licenses. But the most accessible platform for players in online gambling.

The benefit of playing online is you can play it in your comfort zone. One can play this game from anywhere in their leisure time through any online casino site. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and a smartphone that can handle the software easily. In order to play Andar Bahar Real Money Game on any gambling site, you need a debit or credit card to make deposits. One can also use an international e-wallet which is legally supported to make withdrawals and deposits.

Legality of Andar Bahar

In India, gambling laws are restricted to land-based establishments. That means they can only restrict gambling laws to the establishments which are set up on land. However, they do not adhere to water-based establishments. But not everyone is equally fortunate to go on a trip on an expensive cruise and play. Here online casinos are the savior. One of the major advantages of playing online is that there are no laws that are governing gambling sites in India. Though there are detailed pages available online which describe the legality of gambling and playing online in India.

The betting levels vary depending on whatever table you sit at, ranging from a few Rupees to over Rs. 1,000 on the VIP tables. With live casino dealers and top-notch gaming, the VIP tables provide a high-end experience. There's no need to download anything; the games run smoothly on the instant play platform.

Rules of Andar Bahar Real Money Game

However, Andar Bahar is an easy game but there are some features and rules which are to be known before playing. These rules and features can vary with different online casinos. There are equal chances of winning for all the players. Some of the rules are below:-

• To reveal a card that all players can see, a new pack of cards is cut.

• Then a bet is placed by players on whether a card with the same face value will appear in Andar or Bahar.

• Then cards are dealt with Andar Bahar betting spots. If the first card comes as a black suit i.e clubs or spades then dealing starts with Andar. If it’s red i.e hearts or diamonds then it will start from Bahar.

• The cards are alternatively dealt with each of the betting spots.

• When the same value card to the chosen one is dealt with any of the betting spots, the round ends.

• If the bet is made on the correct spot Andar or Bahar then the player wins and receives the payout.

• The dealer lists all other bets.

How to play Andar Bahar Real Money Game?

• The main aim of the game is players have to pick a side Andar or Bahar, wherever the player thinks that the card that matches the joker will land.

• The dealer starts dealing with the first card which is a joker card.

• If the joker card turns out to be black the next card is dealt Andar and Bahar side is red.

• Then dealer alternatively deals cards on both Andar Bahar side.

• Player has to bet on one side Andar Bahar where matching cards will be dealt with at the end of the game.

• The round ends as soon as matching joker cards are handed out.

How to place bets and Andar Bahar winning formula?

Firstly dealer asks players to select cards out of the deck and this is followed by all the dealers dealing on both sides’ i.e Andar or Bahar. The value of the selected card by the player and the value of the dealt cards need to be matched. The card dealing is not done randomly. The beginning of dealing is decided by the suit of cards from where the deck is cut. Till the players incurred a certain range of losses, the game continues till then. The number of matching cards decides the number of profits and results. The suit of the cards does not decide this. How to increase betting amount online?

Many of the online gaming sites give a chance to click on a chip that has a higher value than the ongoing current betting value. The player just has to click and select a new card for betting.

• Additional bet options

Few online platforms offer additional betting options in Andar Bahar game. In this, before selecting a card the player needs to place the bet by clicking on-chip. Also, this is done before the dealer starts dealing with the cards and this information is given to the dealer before dealing.

• Minimum and maximum limits There can be both minimum and maximum limits which can be placed as bets on the table. The players have this opportunity to place a minimum amount of bet of ₹20 and the maximum amount can be ₹10,000.

• Andar Bahar payouts The offered payouts depend on the lucky guesses which a player needs to make. Also, it depends on the accuracy at which the player selects the exact matching card. If the matching card appears on the same side where the first-hand card appeared, it will be considered a success. The payout will be 90 percent. Hence, in the Indian rupee, if the bet is 100 rupees then the payout will be 190 rupees. And if the card that is chosen is found on another site, the payout becomes 100 percent. So if in Indian rupees the bet is for 100 rupees then the payout will be 200 rupees.

Live Andar Bahar at online casinos

For playing their favorite games lot of players visits many Indian casinos. It is a fact that all the players have different needs and expectations. So they need different gameplays while playing Andar Bahar game. This game can be played in 2 ways.

1. Live platform
2. Video platform

• Live Andar Bahar

This type of gameplay is the same as most live casino games. It means a real dealer is involved in this game that looks after the dealing requirements of the game. Though, the player has to be present at the venue from where he/ she is playing the game. All a player needs is a stable internet connection and access to the high-definition live streaming of casino table and dealer on their phone or desktop to play Andar Bahar live casino. Adding to the thrill, few online sites allow players to chat live with the dealer. Hence, it adds to the experience of players to feel like they are playing the Andar Bahar game in real life. One of the main advantages of playing live Andar Bahar is that it gives complete transparency unlike Andar Bahar App or mobile app. Not only this there are many other benefits also and features playing with real dealers.

• Video Andar Bahar

Another online Andar Bahar option is to play its video version. In this version, the games are the same as table casinos which are available at many of the online sites. In this, there are no real dealers involved and the players may have the chance to interact with other players. Video Andar Bahar game runs on online software which is licensed for unbiased gaming experiences.

Andar Bahar real money app

Andar Bahar game in an online app is popular due to its amazing graphics, ease of use and helpful tutorials. Many of the Andar Bahar apps usually give free credits to players to play and tutorials for understanding the Indian card games. This is very helpful for the players for understanding the game and app. There are a few drawbacks also to playing Andar Bahar game online. They are below:-

• Accidentally you will see ads in the app. They will sometimes come up in between the gameplay.

• Annoying pops up to rate the app will appear.

• Unwanted notifications also appear to play more.

• One of the most important things is that you can’t win money in an online app.

• No need for the explanation of the last most annoying disadvantage. It means you can deposit your money to play Andar Bahar game but you cannot win cash if you win.

Andar Bahar real money game gives you chance to withdraw and deposit real money. There is no benefit in playing or downloading the online app if you cannot win and withdraw the money and increase your bank balance. In Andar Bahar real money app, ₹ 1000 can be deposited which is much more than the many casinos are required to deposit and play and win money. However, in Andar Bahar app one can play in 2D and 3D but there is no live dealer and the player can only play in one version. Where in any of the live casinos in India which offer live Andar Bahar, a player can play the game in many different versions and there is a real-life dealer also and the player can win and withdraw the cash. How to play Andar Bahar for cash and for free?

Andar Bahar game is an intriguing game that offers an opportunity to win and have fun as well. Though it can be beneficial for players if they get a taste of the game beforehand, that’s why many online sites offer demo versions of the game in which no real money is involved.

Here is the step by step guide to playing this Andar Bahar game:-

• Step 1- 13 cards are dealt on the betting table after the table is selected. Then the players have to select a single card when the bet starts.

• Step 2- The dealer adds the cards to the deck and shuffle the cards many times. The remaining cards are placed in the Andar Bahar boxes. Based on the first suit of the cards, the dealer decides from which box the cards are to be distributed.

• Step 3- To play an extra bet, the chance is given in the second round. After the betting time expires, the dealer starts putting the cards in Andar Bahar boxes. Here, the one and only step performed by the players is to place a bet.

• Step 4- And when the middle card gets in any of the matching card boxes, the game end there only. Who chooses the right box is the winner.

Table limits for Andar Bahar game

Playing Andar Bahar has a very affordable table limit. Betting starts with a minimum of ₹10 and the maximum limit is ₹10000.

• Cheats for winning Andar Bahar real money game

However, a player can’t do much as it is a game that depends upon luck. But still, there are a few tricks that can be used to win the Andar Bahar real money game. Here, the cheat codes don’t mean cheating but the strategies that can be used to win the game.

The betting strategy is similar to using the strategy while playing roulette. Known as Martingale System, it doubles the bet for every loss. It returns the original wager for every win. theoretical language this strategy reverses all the losses when you play for a long run. Depending on the dealing of cards, betting strategies can be decided. The best is if the player decides when to play the bet early, mid, or long-range. The card keeps getting lesser in number every time they are dealt. So the chance of you guessing your desired card keeps increasing. Hence, it depends on your choice of where to place the largest bet.

Bonuses offered in Andar Bahar Real Money Game

Andar Bahar is a popular game that can be found at many Indian online casinos. The bulk of these casinos provide incentives to their customers, and some of these offers may be utilized to play Andar Bahar online or at a live casino in India.

Always read the terms and conditions of any bonus before accepting it, since they may include wagering restrictions, deadlines, and other details.

Here are different types of Bonuses offered with real money games-

• Welcome Bonus

The majority of online casinos in India offer new players a welcome bonus, which is generally in the form of a percentage match up to a specific sum. This money may then be used to play a number of games, including Andar Bahar, on their desktop or mobile casino sites.

• No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus on Andar Bahar entails the casino providing you with ‘free money to try out the game. These incentives are uncommon, but when they do appear, they generally come with wagering conditions. Even so, if you're a regular player of Andar Bahar, the wagering restrictions shouldn't be a big deal.

• Live Casino Bonus

This offer is only available to players who choose to play Andar Bahar in a live casino, which means you'll be competing against a live dealer rather than a random number generator. This bonus can only be utilised in this situation, and it cannot be transferred to online Andar Bahar.

• Free Spins

A casino could give you a few free rounds on an Andar Bahar real money game instead of free spins on a video slot. Such a bonus may have no wagering restrictions (i.e., you may withdraw your earnings right away) or wagering requirements (i.e., you must bet your winnings X times before withdrawing the remainder).

Some of the Top Andar Bahar Real Money Game-

• Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is considered a pioneer and trailblazer in the live casino business. They know how to provide world-class live entertainment. Their Bollywood tables are accessible in Hindi and English, and are televised live from their custom studio. More Indian tables from Evolution are something every player wants to see.

• Ezugi

Ezugi is arguably the most focused live provider in India, while also providing high-quality games. Their Andar table, like Evolution's, is accessible in English and Hindi and can be found on a variety of casino websites nowadays.

• Super Spade

Super Spade is recognized for thinking out of the box when it comes to creating new versions of old games for gamers. Their Speed Andar Bahar and No Commission Andar tables are excellent examples of how to take a classic game and turn it into something fresh and exciting.