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What is Teen Patti?

Originated in the Indian subcontinent Teen Patti is a popular gambling card game. It is popular all over South Asia. In some regions, it is also called flash or flush. Real Money Teen Patti is an interesting game that has been drawing players towards it for hundreds of years. Some Teen Patti players make money by playing online Teen Patti Real Money. For all the players Teen Patti promises hours of fun. These are the reasons why every year millions of people play Teen Patti. In most Hindu celebrations Teen Patti is very closely connected. Real Money Teen Patti is mostly played during Diwali Celebration. There are online sites that scrutinize casinos which are listed on their site across several parameters, which qualify them as premium Teen Patti sites. Here players can play Online Teen Patti Real Money.


Real money Teen Patti has a strong history in Indian culture. Gambling has existed in India for a very long time. It can be traced in two of our ancient Sanskrit texts (1) Ramayana (2) Mahabharata. The story of the Indian's love for gambling can be known from these texts. For more than 4000 years gambling has been a part of Indian culture. How Teen Patti was originated is not known for sure but historians say that it was created during the time Europeans first came to trade in India. Europeans not only brought products for trade with them but they also brought some of their gambling habits with cards. The card game was quickly accepted since Indian culture was already accepting the game of hazards. Teen Patti was the card game that gained popularity. Teen was an Indian version of the card game called Three Card Brag. During the British Raj Teen Patti became the household game, what it is today.

Importance during Festivals

Teen Pattis close connection to Hindu Festivals is a reason for its popularity in India. The Festival of Lights, Diwali, is a feast that brings families together. Socializing is the key part of this festival. Teen Patti is the star card game that brings excitement to socializing during the festive season. It is believed that Parvati (the mother goddess) was playing dice with Lord Shiva, her husband. When Shiva proclaimed that anyone who gambled during Diwali would be given prosperity and good fortune for the following year. Since then Teen Patti is not only a tradition but a must during Diwali.

Teen Patti Today

Today Teen Patti can be enjoyed in more ways than ever. You can play Real Money Teen Patti or Online Teen Patti Real Money. You can play and challenge your family, friends or battle with strangers at casinos. But the emergence of Online Teen Patti Real Money has changed the game. The versions which are available create more excitement because you can play against the dealer in live casinos available for Indian Players. As online casinos are becoming more common among Indian Players we can expect to see more variations of Teen Patti and new ways to play this game.

Teen Patti Rules

The rules of Teen Patti are very simple. It requires a deck of 52 cards. The Ace cards are considered the highest and the 2 cards is the lowest. Players' main aim is to have the highest 3 cards. The cards participating in each round are your 3 cards and the dealer’s 3 cards. To qualify the dealer must have a queen or higher card in one of the 3 cards dealt. Before joining you need to place your initial bet. After betting you will get 3 cards and the dealer's cards remain closed. You can choose if you want to play based on your cards. Or you can say if you think you can beat the dealer with your cards, you can continue playing.

Teen Patti Hand Rankings

• Trail/ Set (three of same rank) - Also known as trio. 3 cards of the same rankings from different suits in which Aces makes the strongest trio and 2’s makes the weakest.

• Straight flush/ pure sequence- 3 cards from same suit. In which the best flush is A-2-3 and the weakest is 4-3-2.

• Sequence/ straight- 3 consecutive cards but from different suits. The strongest and weakest are same like pure sequence.

• Color/ Flush- 3 cards from same suit but not in sequence.

• Pair- 2 same rank cards out of 3 are called pair. If 2 players have pairs, the one with the highest value becomes the winner. But when pairs are of same value, then kicker’s card decides the winner.

• High card –On this hand, there are 3 cards that are not in a sequence, all cards are not from the same suit and no 2 cards have same value. In this, if 2 players are having highest same high card, then the next highest card will be deciding the winner.

How to play Teen Patti?

To play Teen Patti 3-6 players are required. A deck of 52 cards is used. In Teen Patti Ace is the highest card and 2 have the lowest value. As it is a gambling game, the players have to 1st place a bet. The first bet is a fixed amount. Once the bet is placed, 3 cards are given to each player facing downwards. The collected amount is placed in the middle of the table. The main aim of this game is to have the top 3 card hands and contribute to the boot amount to increase its value. This is an overview of the game. Now let’s move on to the step-by-step guide of how to play Real money Teen Patti.

• Select the dealer- All players draw one card each and the highest drawn card gets the honor to become a dealer and this will continue in a clockwise manner.

• Place an ante/bet-- An initial bet amount is collected from all the players and it is placed in the center of the table. The level of the game is set by this ante/bet. Each game round player can pot equal to 1024 betsunless played without a limit.

• Receiving your cards- - The dealer of the game clockwise distributes 3 cards to each player and to self. Face cards downwards.

• Start acting –- The player who is sitting on the left-hand side of the dealer will start acting. If the player chooses to play blind he can fold, call the ante or raise the bet to double. If he plays seen then he can fold or call double the ante or raise the ante 4 times. This bet is known as stake.

• Continue acting-- The game moves clockwise and each player has the option of folding calling or raising the bet as each blind or seen player.

• Request a sideshow- - If a seen player is acting after the other seen player, at least 3 players are left in the game. The acting player can request the previous acting player side show. The previous acting player can deny the request. But if he accepts the request then both the players will show their cards to each other secretly. The player who has the highest hand ranking will continue the game the other player will be eliminated from the game. Hand rankings are mentioned above.

• Select the dealer- All players draw one card each and the highest drawn card gets the honor to become a dealer and this will continue in a clockwise manner.

• Demand a showdown-- After players have folded or sideshows have occurred; only 2 players are left in the game. One of them can demand a showdown. The other player who has not demanded must fold or call. If he calls then both the players will show their cards and the player with the highest ranking wins the pot.

Online Teen Patti Real money compared to Teen Patti Real Money

The rules of both games are usually the same. Playing online teen Patti Real Money is more beneficial as there is less pressure of spending a lot of money in-game. You have the privilege to start from smaller bets to the higher ones and you can choose from any table. Online playing can be done at the ease of our home. Different variants of teen Patti are available in online teen Patti games. There are many Indian casino sites that offer you to play Teen Patti online legally.So you can play teen Patti sitting at your comfort zone and win lots of money.As more and more Indian people are getting access to the Internet, Teen Patti will be certainly played more because of its popularity.

Betting in Teen Patti

The initial ante/bet is put on the table. Then the player next to the dealer starts betting. Different types of betting:-

• Loose vs. Tight Play-- loose and tight means the general tendency of players to play beyond the first round or fold. There is no decided ratio percentage of hands to play. But a tight player usually chooses to fold weaker hand while the loose hand player bet more on these hands and tries to play hands to showdown.

• Entry fee-- The initial bet which is put on the table is either the equal amount put by all players or a larger amount put by one player. This is common for players to agree that the dealer provides a bet for each player. This simplifies betting but it causes some inequities if other players come and go. For this time, the player can be given a special button that will indicate the need to pay an ante/bet to the pot.

• Posts- - The player who is temporarily away from his seat or misses an ante is required to post to re-enter the game. They have to pay a fixed ante/bet to play for the next hand.

• Blind-- A blind bet means a bet which is placed into the pot by one or more players before the deal starts. There are two types of blinds which the player after the dealer blinds about half of what is a small bet and the next player blind would be a big blind. These two blinds sometimes can be a dominating structure to play. Sometimes only one blind is used.

• Call and Raise-- The bet can be divided into two parts the call and the raise. They are also called chaal.Every player has to place a bet which at least equal to the previous player’s bet and he has the option of raising the bet. Then this bet becomes the new level of bet. Mostly there is a limit to the raising bet in which the total bet amount should not exceed twice the previous player’s bet. It is to be understood that this betting is different from poker because every time the bet is new.

Variations in Teen Patti

Teen Patti game has many variations. Combinations of variations can be played simultaneously.

• Best of four- In this variation every player has 4 cards out of which they must make 3 best card hands.

• Lowball- As similar to lowball in poker, the ranking of the card combinations is reversed. The least ranking combination has the highest rank.

• Wild draw- After dealing the dealer pulls one random card and he nominates all the other similar ranks as wild cards.

• Bust card draw- After dealing the dealer pulls out one random card and nominates all the other similar rank cards as bust card draw. Any player who is holding the bust card has to fold.

• Community- In these players are given an incomplete hand of face-down cards and then a number of faces up community cards are kept to the center of the table. Each of these cards can be used by players one by one to complete the incomplete dealt and make it a three-card hand.

• Draw- Complete hand is given to players usually before betting. Players are allowed to change their dealt by replacing the unwanted cards with new ones.

• Cobra- This variation is played usually as the last hand of the card. Here each player is dealt with a single card. All players then put a fixed amount in the pot and pick one card and place it on their forehead. So that each player can see everyone else’s cards but no one sees their own card.

• 999- The goal of this Teen Patti variant, as the name suggests, is to come as near to 999 as possible. The player coming close to this wins the game, regardless of suit, and the royal cards have no value. You can arrange your cards in whichever sequence you choose to come as near to 999 as possible. If your three cards are 2-4-9, for example, you can opt to arrange them 9-4-2 to get a score of 942. Keeping this in mind, the pack's four nine cards are the most valued in the game.

• Closes to 555- This game operates similarly to 999, only you're attempting to come as near to 555 as possible. Royal cards count for 0 in this game, and you can arrange the cards in any sequence to increase your chances of winning. This indicates that the number 5 is the most significant in this edition, so keep an eye out for these.

• Rotating Jokers- In this variant, each player carries three cards, one open and two closed. Every player has a personal joker, which is the open card. As players fold and exit the game, their joker card becomes available for others to utilize in forming hands. The trick is that if this happens and more jokers are introduced into the game for everyone to utilize, you can no longer put up a hand with your own joker.

• Auction- In this game, each player receives three cards as usual, plus two piles of three cards in the center of the table. There is one open card and two closed cards in each of these piles. The piles are up for auction, and each player has the opportunity to bid on them before the game begins. The successful bidder receives these cards, and his old cards are piled on the table with the winning bid money added to the pot. When both piles are sold, the game resumes as usual, with one open card from each of the replacement piles serving as a joker card that can be utilized by anybody at the table.

• Lallan Kallan- -In this version, you will deal with three cards as usual, but the card with the odd color will be used as your joker. So, if you have two blacks and one red, your joker is the red card. You are instantly disqualified from the game and must fold your cards if you have all three cards of the same color. After then, the game proceeds with each remaining player receiving a joker card to complete their hand.

• In-Out- The In-Out variant begins with all players agreeing to a pre-determined stake, which is then placed into the pot. Three cards are dealt with each player, with three joker cards left uncovered in the center of the table. The players then walk around the table declaring whether they are in or out. Those remaining in the game place an extra wager, which is 1-2x the ante if they are playing blind, and 2-4x the ante if they are playing chaal. Players who declare themselves out of the game are removed from the game and their cards are replaced in the middle of the table by the preceding jokers. In case, there are more than one player remains, the hands are revealed, and the player with the best hand at the time is declared the winner.