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The best online live Roulette casino is a type of online roulette that includes a real-time dealer. Live roulette is the greatest way to play roulette online because of its increased interaction. It might be reassuring to play roulette online for real money versus a real live person rather than a computerized algorithm. Because you can interact with the dealer and choose between several distinct camera perspectives, live roulette delivers a more immersive experience.

Different variants of Roulette Games

The roulette wheel was invented by the French in the 18th century, and the game of roulette was born. Since then, the game has gone through several revisions and variations, with some of them being the most popular among players. When playing online roulette for real money in India nowadays, you will constantly come across the same well-known roulette variations.

Some of the popular versions of Roulette

European Roulette - The term "European" refers to the game's classic variant. Since there is just one 0 on the wheel, this roulette is also known as single zero roulette. The house edge is reduced to 2.70 percent, which is why many players prefer this version.

French Roulette - This game is played with either a regular wheel with only 37 ball pockets or a single zero wheel. However, the house advantage here might be significantly smaller than, as low as 1.34 percent. This is due to the addition of two new special rules in the French version, namely "En Prison" and "La Partage."

American Roulette - It is unquestionably one of the best variants of the game, with two zeros instead of one, increasing the house edge to 5.26 percent. Many players, however, like this game because it allows them to place a unique bet called a "basket," which consists of five digits, including the 0 and 00.

The form that most Americans are familiar with arrived in the United States around the end of the 18th century. It went through a couple of modifications upon arriving before landing on what we now consider to be "our" version of the game. Although it is a decent alternative for gamblers and offers a chance to profit, the odds are not as favorable as in other versions of the game. In American roulette, the house margin on single number wagers is about 5.3 percent.

While American roulette may not offer the highest odds, you can surely find worse games to play in an American casino.

Some other options of best online live Roulette Casino are-

English Roulette - Here, each player is given a distinct colored chip to make it simpler to keep track of the game. If your ball falls on zero, you'll get half your money back, just like in the French version. Even if it isn't as popular as it once was, this is still one of the most popular roulette games.

Deutsches Roulette-It is another name for a hybrid of English and French roulette. Players might inquire about the variances in the face values of the chips utilized in this game. There aren't many examples of this variation available at online casinos.

Multi Wheel Roulette - In this version of the game, you can bet on not one, but six wheels at once. Single bets may be more difficult to forecast, but betting on Even or Odd may show some consistency over all wheels, resulting in a lucrative payout. One unique feature of this game is that you may select which wheels are active. You don't have to start all eight wheels at once, but if you want to, you may let the balls fall where they may.

It should be mentioned that this game is unlikely to be found at a traditional casino. With that stated, there are a plethora of online versions available, which is beneficial for one reason in particular: the aesthetic element of the gaming interface. When up to eight roulette wheels are spinning at the same time, there is obviously a lot going on. As a result, it's critical to discover a visually manageable version of the game. Before putting a big sum of money on a platform, my advice is to browse around for a website that you are familiar with.

Mini Roulette- It has only 13 numbers on its wheel, which makes for an intriguing game. You may still wager on individual numbers or choose from outside bets like Even, Odd, Red, Black, 1-6, 4-9, and 7-12. A Straight Up bet pays out 11 to 1.

Double Ball Roulette- Double ball roulette, which first emerged in Vegas, takes the game up a level by; you got it, adding another small white ball to the mix.

Casinos first tried out the game as an experiment (only a few have ever offered it). The idea was that it would add a little more excitement to the game than the normal version and attract new players to check it out. The game was usually played on a European wheel, which meant that the minimal house edge observed in European roulette also applied to double ball roulette.

Rapid Roulette- The house edge in real money or rapid roulette is relatively minimal. For casinos, this means that players must gamble on more spins in order to generate the number of bets required to turn a profit. This is the concept underpinning the slot machine industry, which has a modest house edge yet is extremely profitable. Rapid roulette varies from regular roulette in that it is played on a video screen – or at least, the players place their bets on a video screen. The wheel in this online casino high-limit Roulette itself is not virtual, and it may or may not be spun by a real person each time. The ball may be launched electronically in certain situations, but once it reaches the wheel, it is free to land anywhere it wants.

Is it bad news for the players if the casino has implemented this video-hybrid form of roulette in order to enhance their profits? Actually, the answer is no.

It might be aggravating for experienced roulette players who have regularly played at tables with numerous other bettors to be paid out after a victory. When playing the video version of the game, this issue is completely gone. Payouts are automatic and quick, ensuring that you receive your funds in plenty of time to place your next bet.

How to Play?

In ROULETTE, the goal is to guess the number the ball will fall on by putting one or more bets that cover that number. The wheel has the numbers 1 through 36 plus a single 0 on it. After the betting period has ended, the dealer spins the roulette wheel and releases the spinning ball. The ball will ultimately find its way into one of the wheel's numbered compartments. If you have a bet that covers that precise number, you win.

Bet Types

On the Roulette table, you can make a variety of bettings. Each sort of bet has its own payment rate and covers a certain range of numbers. Inside bets are those placed on the numbered spaces or the lines between them, while Outside bets are those placed on the unique boxes below and to the left of the board.

Inside Bet

Straight on any one number – put your chip directly on any single number (including zero). Split Bet - put your chip on the vertical or horizontal line between any two numbers. Place your chip at the end of any row of numbers for a Street Bet. Three numbers are covered by a street bet. Place your chip in the corner where four digits intersect. All four digits have been covered. Place your chip on the intersection of two rows at the conclusion of a line bet. A line bet includes both rows of numbers, for a total of six numbers.

Outside Bets

For Column Bet- Place your chip in one of the "2 to 1" boxes at the end of the column, this covers all 12 digits in that column. Any column bet does not cover the zero. Dozen Bet: To cover the twelve numbers above it, drop your chip in one of the three boxes labeled "1st 12," "2nd 12," or "3rd 12." Red/Black - To cover the 18 red or black digits, set your chip on the Red or Black box. These bets do not cover the zero. Even/Odd - To cover the 18 even or odd numbers, insert your chip in one of these boxes. These bets do not cover the zero. Place your chip in one of these boxes to cover the first or last 18 numbers: 1-18/19-36. These bets do not cover the zero.

The Basics of Playing Roulette

You've come to the best online live Roulette Casino site if you want to learn how to play roulette. The game's fundamentals are simple to grasp.

Let's begin with the steering wheel. The roulette wheel is made up of 38 pockets, which are colored and numbered slots. The roulette ball spins in tandem with the wheel as the dealer spins it. The ball falls into one of the pockets as the wheel slows down. The winning result is whatever pocket the ball falls in.

Placing a bet at the roulette table is the first step in playing roulette online. You have the choice of placing chips on the numbers, colors or sets you want to bet on when you place a bet. When betting on a set, you may select between betting on a range of numbers, whether the numbers are high or low, and whether the winning number is even or odd.

There is no restriction on the number of bets you may place per spin. You can, in fact, place as many bets as you want. Just keep in mind that when you play roulette online for money, the stakes are bigger than when you play for pleasure. The end aim is to walk away with more money than you started with, so bet wisely.

Things you should keep in mind while playing casino game online Roulette:

It is vital to play casino game online roulette for real money at a regulated website to ensure your safety. There are numerous significant security elements to consider while evaluating an online gambling site's security. Your best chance is to go to a site that uses SSL data encryption. Any website that does not provide information about its encryption might be dangerous. You should also ensure that you have anti-virus software and firewall technologies installed. Anti-virus software and firewalls are not only beneficial for playing live roulette online, but they are also a smart idea for any type of internet use. After all, roulette is a gambling game in which you always face the danger of losing money.

The next important thing to consider is to play single-zero wheels if possible. This isn't a difficult task. Take a wild guess if you were given the option of playing single-zero wheels with a 2.70 percent house advantage or double-zero wheels with a 5.26 percent house edge. Yes, you are correct; the single-zero wheels should be used.

The sole exception is if the single-zero wheels’ minimum bet is larger; say 25 units, than the double-zero wheel's 10 units. In that case, you'd be better off betting the 10 units. Otherwise, stick to your initial response.