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To ensure that a website is a ROYAL PALACE-owned website, all of the things below must be present:

  1. Security Feature
    • When accessing real ROYAL PALACE websites, just look for the green padlock beside URL [more details]
  2. Multiple Territories Available
    • ROYAL PALACE is available in multiple languages, and has multiple email addresses, and International Toll-Free Numbers [more details]
  3. High Quality Images
    • ROYAL PALACE ensures to provide the best player experience by providing high-quality images [more details]
  4. Redirects to ROYAL PALACE Website
    • All real ROYAL PALACE logo or any other images should always redirect to a ROYAL PALACE website with all the features above [more details]
  5. ROYAL PALACE Does Not Authorize Its Competitors
    • ROYAL PALACE is not authorizing any of its competitors to operate anywhere on its behalf [more details]


Fake ROYAL PALACE emails are sent by hackers with malicious intent to try and trick victims with fake information and redirection links, solely for their own benefit. Here are some ways to identify legitimate ROYAL PALACE emails from the malicious fake ones:

  1. Email Template
    • ROYAL PALACE will always address existing players in all emails by their username/first name and never just “player”. Misspellings and grammatical errors can also be signs that the email is a fake.
  2. Promises of suspicious amounts of bonuses
    • Fake emails may attempt to lure players in by displaying large bonuses or rewards 
  3. Account Update
    • ROYAL PALACE will never ask or request player to change any account information and password unless requested by player from our customer support 
  4. Redirection to Fake Sites
    • If there is a link provided, check the website without clicking on it (for example, by hovering your mouse over the hyperlink) and confirm that it’s a real ROYAL PALACE website. To know how to spot a fake website, click here.
  5. Attachments
    • ROYAL PALACE will never send emails with attachments unless player officially requested for one. Please ensure the email does originate from ROYAL PALACE before opening attachments, as this may be harmful and attempt to capture sensitive details 

If you are not sure if an email you received is really from ROYAL PALACE, please do not click on any link contained within and contact ROYAL PALACE Customer Support immediately. If you received a suspicious email, kindly report it to us by attaching the suspicious email to a new email and sending it to ROYAL PALACE Customer Support